A Look Into the Future: What Will the Legacy Food Storage Industry Look Like in 10 Years?

Legacy Food StorageIt seems that folks have either not a clue concerning the coming economic collapse and what it means for day-to-day life, or they've got unrealistic expectations of what is in the future. The odds are that it will NOT deteriorate into similar to the movie "Mad Max" but we could use a sharp increase in the "alternate economy" of individuals avoiding currency and bartering.

For example: If a hurricane or devastating tornado hit unexpectedly, you do have a few days to a couple of weeks before things go back to semi normal. Now I understand your power will probably be out (for strategy to long) and gas and ice will end up nearly impossible to find. But total you are able to skimp by around the extra food within the pantry along with the food from your fridge that didn't spoil.

Before the collapse in 2001, the Argentine middle class was at the very least too off since the middle class in the US. Argentina was, and remains even today, one of many top grain exporters on earth. However, incompetent government officials, bad economic policy, runaway borrowing and spending led the government to at least one day being forced to devalue its currency, once on par with the dollar, to 1-third of its former value. This happened almost overnight, as banks were closed and accounts frozen and middle class workers who saved their lives saw their savings evaporate. The pensions of retirees were suddenly worth one third products they had been the week before.

If extra space such as basement storage or perhaps a spare room usually are not accessible in the living quarters, it could require some inventiveness to identify a location to maintain the stored food meant for emergency use. People moving into small apartments are able to find places for food storage if your incentive is there. Some of the more unusual places mentioned above could be squeeze into regular living areas if needed.

Because recovery from the disaster might take months, being prepared with enough food will help you you complete the difficult experience. Additionally, an unexpected emergency food kit needs to be supplemented with vitamin and mineral supplements, because you can 't be consuming many vegetables and fruit throughout the disaster and recovery period.

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